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GWi Holland

We specialize in slatwalls, with the associated accessories such as blister hooks, shelves, shelf supports, presentation rods et cetera. Because we want to give dedicated time and attention to our customers, we only work with appointments. So please give us a call before you visit us.

Aluminum Transition/T Profile 120 Centimeters For Slatwalls WHITE!

Aluminum T-profile/transition profile for seam covering for slatwalls.

Color WHITE.

You can glue these T-profiles/transition profiles directly onto our slatwalls using our mounting adhesive: 

4TECX High Tack Adhesive 290 ml White. - GWI | Goedkoopste Winkelinrichting (

If you prefer not to use sealant/glue, you can also clamp them in the seam between the slatwalls.

With these profiles you can cover the seam between the slatwalls if this occurs during assembly.

You can also divide your slatwalls into sections with these profiles.

Length: 120 cm.

Width: 19 mm and 15 mm (see photo)

Thickness: 1mm.


275 in stock