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GWi Holland

We specialize in slatwalls, with the associated accessories such as blister hooks, shelves, shelf supports, presentation rods et cetera. Because we want to give dedicated time and attention to our customers, we only work with appointments. So please give us a call before you visit us.

Floating Slatwall Shelf Brackets Aluminium 20cm

This floating shelf bracket is suitable for (MDF Slatwall) shelves of 18 mm thickness.

Very sturdy, heavy quality.

The shelf can be slid directly into the shelf bracket.

The shelf bracket is equipped with an anti-slip strip so that the shelf fits very firmly in the shelf bracket and cannot shift.

With these shelf brackets it is possible to place shelves of 6.5 cm deep in your slatwall.

With us you can also order shelves in measurements of your choice.

Feel free to contact us for a quote for shelves of a measurement of your choice.

All our MDF shelves have a thickness of 18 mm.

Minimum possible depth is 6.5 cm and maximum possible depth is 40 cm.

Price is per piece !!

Please order at least 2 pieces per shelf.





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