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GWi Holland

We specialize in slatwalls, with the associated accessories such as blister hooks, shelves, shelf supports, presentation rods et cetera. Because we want to give dedicated time and attention to our customers, we only work with appointments. So please give us a call before you visit us.

Slatwall Grey 10cm laminated front and back!

Width: 120 cm.

Height: 120 cm.

Thickness: 18 mm.

Material : Laminated MDF (front and back)

Line spacing : 10 cm.

Prices do not include aluminium insertion profiles (click on link below)

Finish Slatwalls - GWI | Goedkoopste Winkelinrichting (

Per slatwall 11 insertion profiles are needed,per two slatwalls mounted on top of each other 23 insertion profiles are needed.


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